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We have hunter U.S.A's latest & most advanced American

  • Wheel alignment system
  • Wheel balancing
  • Automatic Tyre Changer
  • Nitrogen Inflation for tyres to make sure you get the most accurate work done at reasonable rate.

What is a Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment measures and adjusts your vehicle's suspension settings to make sure all the wheels are at the correct angles to the road.

Benefits of our Wheel Alignment

  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Better mileage
  • Improved handling & Precise steering
  • Safer driving

How often should i have my vehicle aligned?

  • Once in every 5000 kms
  • Whenever tyre is changed
  • Atleast once in 3 months
  • Before undertaking any long journey

What is a Wheel Balancing

Normally uneven tyre causes uneven mass(weight) distribution. Unbalanced tyres causes vibrations, resulting in driver fatigue, premature tyre wear & unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension.

Advantages of Wheel Balancing

  • No bumping, Wobbling, Patch wear
  • Improves handling & braking
  • Smooth, comfortable ride.

When to do Balancing?

  • Every 5000 Kms alongwith wheel alignment
  • Whenever tyre is changed

Tyre Fitment

Advantages of our Automatic Tyre Changer

  • No damage to wheel rim, tyre beads & tube
  • No damage to surface finish of Alloy rim
  • Very quick & Economical

Nitrogen Inflation for Tyres


  • Nitrogen being a larger molecules than oxygen leaks through the tyre 3 to 4 times slower than Oxygen resulting in longer term stability of tyre pressure which
    - Improve mileage 5%
    - has proven to extend tyre life 25% to 30%
    - enhances safety & driving comfort
  • Nitrogen reduces Oxidation to tyre, a contributor to better tyre wear.
  • Nitrogen filled tyres run about 20% cooler than tyres filled with compressed air also contributing to lengthening tyre life.
  • Using Nitrogen in tyre maintains the correct pressure and reduces all the problems associated with under inflation and most importantly.

Nitrogen is Safer!

You and Your family will be safer when you are riding on Nitrogen.....

What if i get my tyre flat or my tyre has a leak?

You can top off Nitrogen filled tyres with "Compressed air". Later you can inflate your tyres completely with Nitrogen.

Whether Nitrogen will work great in the tyres I already have?

There is no need to buy new tyres. Start using Nitrogen today itself.....

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